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We're Calling March The Month of Frugal Feasting!

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

If January is the Monday of the year then March is the Wednesday. It’s not the middle of the week, but it's a transitional month. Not springtime just yet, but not necessarily winter either...and the weather is a toss up. It's also a time when most of our bank accounts are still recovering from the holidays, while looking at taxes due in the road ahead. It makes us all ready for a break. Both financially and culinarily.

We asked our Chefs for tips on how to keep feasting while on a budget. These pro tips will help you eat healthy, stay on budget, and enjoy the month, which is why we're officially calling March the month of FRUGAL FEASTING!

Make a Weekly Meal Plan and Shopping List

Pick three dinners that can be prepped ahead and create a shopping list. If time allows, buy on the weekend and prep everything so that it can be thrown together quickly for a meal. Having meals planned discourages eating out or having food delivered, which will cost more.

Don’t Shop When Hungry

The old adage, “Don’t shop when you’re hungry”, applies to diets as well as budgets. When you’re hungry you’re more likely to splurge, pick up extra items, or buy a more expensive piece of meat.

Have Groceries Delivered

On a budget? What about the delivery and “good service” fees? Those can add up, but impulse buying in a store can add up even more. Some delivery services are very reasonable. As part of our partnership, all of Daily Feast's recipes are linked to Instacart for your convenience. You can use Instacart to check the delivery fees in your area and see which market is the most reasonable.

Shop Sales and Bulk Items

Often there’s a price break when buying in larger packages. If you’re concerned about using up a giant package of chicken thighs, freeze them in packets of four, or whatever quantity works for your household to be thawed and used whenever you’re ready. Perishable items that can’t be frozen shouldn’t be considered if they won't be consumed timely, unless they can be thrown into a giant pot of soup, which can then be frozen in quart jars.

Be Creative with Leftovers

Proteins can be cut into 1” pieces and added to salads and soups. Roasted vegetables can be pureed and used as a base for sauces and soups. Beans can be combined with olive oil and garlic and turned into a delicious spread. Shop in your own kitchen before going to the store.

Here are 5 tasty and budget friendly recipes to keep you feasting in March:

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